Popcorn Machine Operator

I have been writing for the past three hours. Blog posts have been scheduled for the next few days already because I have written so much. I am out of things to say in an organized fashion so let's do another post on a few random thoughts:
  • Add "can operate a popcorn machine" to my resume.
  • When a bug lands on me, I freak out. When I see a bug on Bella, I think, "Oh, hellz no. You ain't going to crawl all over my baby!" Then, I promptly grab the bug with my bare fingers and squeeze it to death.
  • After nine hours locked in her kennel, I found Bella's kennel a good three feet from where I had left it. I have no idea what she was doing while I was gone, but she was visibly exhausted and her voice was hoarse.
  • I have not heard from my husband since Sunday. When I'm feeling sorry for myself, I think about these women in the images below and how they didn't have phone calls, email or Skype. They just had to wait until the war ended to see if their husbands or boyfriends made it through.
  • The battery life on this MacBook is amazing.
  • I really wish I had wifi right now.
  • I am starving and the aroma from the popcorn machine is killing me.
  • I painted the toenails of one of Bella's hind paws pink. She was sleeping upside down against the couch and I couldn't resist. 
Are Bella's toes supposed to be so crooked?
  • I can't believe I have been sitting here for so long.
  • Someone just told me that it's not cricket season yet. Cricket season is next month and apparently the buildings get covered with them at night and you can hear them squishing when you drive on parking lots.
  • A man just grabbed popcorn and when I asked him if he wanted a soda he said, "No, I'm on a diet." Does he not realize that this popcorn is smothered with butter and who knows what else?
Popcorn packages with pre melted butter and seasonings. This is what you eat when you have popcorn machine popcorn

  • Somebody please save me.