Back to School

I went back to work yesterday for the first time since The Hubby came home in December. I have to say that I was dreading it completely since I have grown accustomed to sitting at home and waiting for him to get off work. Waking up at 0455 this morning in order to drop The Hubby off at work was also dreadful. Even though his office is probably only ten minutes away, I was unable to return to my warm bed until 0600 due to horrible traffic. Going back to bed was really pointless as I spent the next hour thinking about all the errands I wanted to run and how terrified I was of having a bad day.

There was a scheduling mixup with my job assignment so I ended up rushing out the door with my oatmeal bowl in my lap. I made it to my classroom with plenty of time to spare, although a little disheveled.

“Good morning, class. How is everyone doing today?”


“Not well, I'm guessing. Is it too early?”


When did I become so uncool?

The teacher I subbed for did not leave any other work for her students except for them to catch up on unfinished assignments, which basically translated into: “Spend this period texting and listening to loud gangster rap on your phones.”

I'm usually a stickler about having cell phones out in class, but I wasn't about to confiscate twelve out of thirteen phones and cause a riot. I didn't need some high school punk telling me, “I don't like nobody touching my phone!” Besides, their phones distracting them is the only reason why the classroom remained quiet. I spent the entire seven periods in fear of another teacher or someone from the administration walking in and finding everyone on their phones.

When I was in school, I relished free study periods. There was always another class I needed to study for or more work to be done. I am finding that this is the difference between Honors/AP students and kids in “regular” classes. Every time I look at class average scores posted on classroom walls, they range from 60s to low 80s. The highest grade in one middle school math class was 92%. The highest grade in my math classes? Probably a 102%. Everyone wanted to be the top student. These students seem to just want to pass.

I overheard a student talking about how she had a math quiz later and how she also forgot to study for her physics exam. Instead of taking advantage of the time she had in class, she stared at her phone and drew fake tats on her friend.

It makes me so depressed to know that so many of these students are throwing their lives away.

Quote of the day:

Student 1: Cross, you're late!

Student 2: Suck my ____ (hand gesture)

Me: What's your name, sir?

Student 2: Steve Adam Crosby. S.A.C. SAC. Get it?


It's really unfortunate at how unmotivated some kids are. My boyfriend teaches at Walnut High and everyday I hear about how crummy and rude some of the students were. Sure, some students were guilty of falling asleep in my AP/H classes, but it was mainly due to being up late studying or having rehearsals.

Don't give up though! The world is always in need of good teachers (: