Space Rangers

I spent all morning fumbling with my fake Photoshop (Gimp), trying to create nice photo layouts for my blog posts since I no longer have Powerpoint to do that. It was a massive fail. I wanted to give you another blog post for the day so here are some Astro Blaster pictures from our trip to Disneyland.

I used to consistently lose against The Hubby whenever we went on this ride. Below is from July 2008. What is that weak sauce aim and terrified look on my face? Pathetic.

The score below is from March 2009. My laser isn't even up. Of course I lost!

My annual pass holder days served me well, and I was able to show some improvement. I tried to teach The Hubby the same tricks and told him which targets were worth more. I won the first round. He was not happy with this.

Round two. I won again. SUCKA.

In our last round, I had a faulty laser gun (I swear!) and he kicked my butt. Instead of being upset, I was proud that I taught him well. Besides, I still beat him 2 to 1.