Our Trip to San Fran (Days 1 & 2)

Day 1

Hubby woke up with a cold.
Empty Southwest Flight.
Marine's Memorial Club Hotel at a discounted active duty rate ($79/night!).
Settled for Sears Not So Fine Food for sandwiches after a desperate hunt for food.
A much needed nap because we were both crabby from hunger.
Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine at the amazing Food Emporium
Gelato and mango sorbet at Melt for dessert.

Day 2

Union Square, just a short walk from our hotel.

City Pass was a great deal and a lifesaver with public transportation.
The SFMOMA is far too wacky cultured for us.

Tried an $8 slice of Mondrian cake that was supposed to be amazing, but was a disappointment instead.
Hubby tasted the best cup of coffee ever encountered in his lifetime.

Passed by the Conservatory of Flowers uring a long and misty walk to California Academy of Sciences.

Explored the Cal Academy of Sciences. Especially loved the reindeer and penguins.

Headed to the Woodhouse Fish Co.  for giant (and expensive) lobster rolls.

Each one of us chose an individual dessert from Bristol Farms. Hubby found me eating my leftovers on the bed after coming out of the shower. I caught The Hubby scarfing his own cake down with his bare hands when I came out of the bathroom. He then ran into the closet out of shame.


I loved reading your SF posts. I want one of those lobster rolls! You guys did more in your 4 days here than I've done in the past 20+ years of living in the Bay area! I'm so bummed we didn't get to see you guys. But hey, I'm coming to Austin in a couple weeks, Feb 9-12. Are you around then?? Maybe we can meet for lunch?