Catching Up

We've been very busy since The Hubby has been home. Let's catch up!

We wore our black and gold in support of the Black Knights in hopes of an Army win. They lost in a close game, but at least the blow of the defeat was less severe after The Hubby drank the equivalent of eleven bottles of beer. He began to find everything hilarious, especially the word "McRib."

We enjoyed time in our own home by cuddling on the couch and eating scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I baked over six dozen cookies without a stand mixer (Snickers cookies, caramel stuffed apple cider cookies, lemon crinkle cookies). I also packed some apple cider cookie mix in a jar as a last minute gift.

Then we packed up Bella and some clothes into our car and drove the 22 hours to surprise The Hubby's family for Christmas. With the help of my family and his sister, we were able to show up at their homes without them having a clue.

On the way to CA, we stopped in Tucson for some In N Out burgers. The perfect end to 14 hours in the car.

We spent a night at a pet friendly hotel. Bella did not want to sleep anymore.

The Hubby's little brothers were happy to be able to play with him again.

I was able to see my lovely grandmother.

Good sushi was so refreshing after a year of rolls from the supermarket in Texas.

The boys did the dishes.

And we spent even more time with family.

We always saved room for dessert.

Even after a fantastic second wedding anniversary dinner at Eva's.

Our family exchanged Christmas gifts and everyone was happy, including Bella.

The Hubby and I even took a trip to San Francisco. More on that later.

Our new year also began in The City by the Bay.

But we couldn't leave beautiful California before making a trip to Disneyland. Three times.

We've been home for a few days now and we are slowly growing accustomed to the gloomy weather, cooking for ourselves, saying goodbye in the early morning and not having anything to do in the evenings. The Hubby and I miss our families, friends, ethnic foods, and the sun, but it is so nice to be home again.


Belinda said…
Beautiful pics! You look so glamorous :) hope you're doing well and enjoying the hubby! Miss you!