Quivering Ovaries

I was going to try to shock you by saying that we are expecting a baby girl and this is our first baby purchase, but I didn't want to jinx us for when that time does happen.

Edit: I met the Mommy yesterday and she said that our gift was the best! Anything with chocolate is good in my book.

One of The Hubby's soldiers is going to have another sweet baby in their lives so he asked me to get a card and a small gift for him and his wife. After two and a half hours in Target, I finally decided on a tiny outfit consisting of a bodysuit and matching Mary Jane shoes.
Ruffles and a fabric rosette. I. MELT.
And little shoes with Velcro buckles and little pearls at the ends. I. MELT. AGAIN.
But I wanted to make it a little more practical, too. I included some "emergency" ear plugs, Shout wipes, baby wipes and Milk Duds.
Here is a little tutorial on the custom tags I made to spiff it up a bit(click on pictures to enlarge).
Step One: I found a cute frame from Prudent Baby and copied and pasted it on a new PowerPoint (2010 version) document.
Step Two: Rotate the frame by dragging the little green bar in the correct direction.
Step Three: Custom change the color by right clicking and selecting "Format Picture". Then hit "Picture Color". Select recolor to choose the color you would like to use. I chose a purple shade.
Step Four: Get a ruler and measure how wide you would like your tag. Go to "Size" and plug in the new width. The height should automatically readjust.
Step Five: Insert text with the appropriate font and color. Use different text boxes for each line. This will make it easier for you to center the text in the frame. Sometimes, just hitting the arrows to move the text will not work. You can adjust it using the "Position" tab under "Format Shape". Start with hundredths for small adjustments.
Step Six: Look over your work to see if any other adjustments need to be made.
If you look carefully (circled in red), some parts were overlapped.
To fix this, select the frame, right click, and send to back.
Step Seven: You're done! Print it out and admire your work.
I wrapped the gifts in tissue paper and taped the tags on after I cut them out. I purchased items for a 6 month old baby because I figured that they probably received a lot of newborn clothing at their baby shower. I labeled the gift as "something for Baby Girl Wagner to grow into".
Sometimes, pretty packaging makes all the difference.

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Belinda said…
I just made two tags!! Thanks for the step by step instructions-I love it!!!
Creative Mind said…
useful tutorial..thanks for sharing..