5 Things

1.) I have not exercised in months and have been binging on marshmallows, Hawaiian bread, and ice cream. I keep telling myself that I will get back on track, but sitting is so much nicer than doing pushups or squats. I should really get my body back in shape for the summer. We're considering going to Hawaii in July, and I don't necessarily want to wear coverups all the time. Besides, The Hubby already has a rockin' beach bod thanks to his no bread, no cookies, no anything yummy diet and three workouts a day.

2.) I am rereading the final book of The Hunger Games trilogy. the ending was ridiculously disappointing so I am reading it again in hopes of accepting Collins' choices. Tell me, are you Team Peeta or Team Gale? "Where's Finnick? Odair he is!"

3.) I absolutely love using The Hubby's Kindle. I've been able to read so many books while at work, although nothing really substantial. I love chick lit! So far, I've read the following books on the Kindle: Born to Run, The Help, Manhunting, Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, Sushi for Beginners, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay.

The Hubby purchased a very sturdy and economical case for "his" Kindle when he first purchased it, but I really want to make a cute one like the one below.
Source: charmstitch.com via Min on Pinterest

4.) High heels are my enemy, but I'm trying. I consider myself fairly tall at 5'7" so I can't wear anything too high--not that I could balance, anyway. Maybe this is a good thing or else I would spend loads on all the pretty shoes in the world. I finally found a pair I could wear for hours (and walk just slightly funny in) at Payless. However, they definitely get damaged really easily.

5.) I'm itching for a baby, but I know that the timing is not right for us just yet. Maybe we should just get a puppy. Look at how cute this one is! I met Stella at a Battalion BBQ this past weekend.


Spencer said…
are you really down to be pregnant for 9 months??
Debbie said…
AHAHA, Spencer's comment made me cackle :)