Conquering the Zipper

Did you know that it's zipper week? The local mom & pop fabric store was selling zippers for 50% off so I thought it was time to gather the courage and try sewing with zippers. I had purchased a zipper foot last year, but never used it. Turns out I didn't even need the darn thing. It took me 30 minutes to realize this, and only because I gave up on trying to install it on my sewing machine. 

I followed this tutorial for a zipper and blow clutch. It's definitely one of the best tutorials that I've followed on the web. I typically always have to redo something on a sewing project, but not this time! I also managed to shorten my own zipper. I'm rather pleased with myself.

I took my new bow clutch for a spin last night and I'm in love. Hubby makes fun of me for it. I think I have a right to be proud of my work. Don't you?

Try to make one yourself at Prudent Baby. You can expect one of these or something similar for your birthday, all you women folk friends.


Julian said…
First off, that clutch looks purchased. GOOORGEOUS! And love the red :D

Second, I love your skirt. Super cute!
Min said…
Thanks, Julian! And I got the skirt at the Gap outlet at a crazy good price.