Words from My Husband

We laugh so much in our home, largely due to my husband's unintentional sense of humor.

In the middle of the night, sleeptalking:

Look at my sexy wife. She runs a tight ship!

(Hubby adamantly denies this because he claims that the phrase "tight ship" has never come across his mind before, but I heard it loud and clear, Hubby.)

After receiving his new poop scoop from Amazon:

Nice! It looks really sturdy, too. I'm actually excited to go pick up poop now. Wait. I must be getting old. I'm getting excited about a poop scoop. You need to blog about this.

After I spotted a scrape on his inner thigh and asked what the heck happened:

The Hubby, nonchalantly: Rope burn.
Me, laughing my head off: What?! A rope burn?!
The Hubby: Yeah. What's so funny?

Hubby often breaks into song and serenades Bella. I happened to capture part of a song:

(I didn't have my camera handy so I used my laptop to record this video, which is why the audio is poor. Turn up the volume to hear his sweet tunes. "Love Buggie" is me, by the way. I just didn't respond because I didn't want to bust out laughing.)