Sandy's Restaurant

Did you know Sandra Bullock owns a restaurant in Austin? It's called Bess Bistro, and it's really quite impressive. I've been wanting to go there on several occasions, but the timing just never seemed to work out for us. It turns out it was worth the wait.

The Hubby and I finally made it to Bess's last Friday evening. We arrived at 6pm and although the restaurant was fairly empty, every table was already booked and we were seated at the terrace upstairs. Thankfully, the weather was absolutely perfect that night and we enjoyed the fresh air, plantation style ceiling fans, and comfortable seating.

We were given a generous basket of warm bread and tasty butter. I cannot say enough good things about this bread. I could eat it all day long. The Hubby no longer eats bread because of his Paleo diet so I was able to indulge instead of sharing.

While I was munching on the outrageously fresh bread, The Hubby ordered an overpriced drink. He claimed that it was something Don Draper would enjoy.

Because we made it in time for happy hour, we ordered a duck sausage appetizer for half off. It was incredibly flavorful and hearty. This was a good sign of what was coming up next.

Grilled duck and pork belly sausage served with
Ziegenbock Ale braised chiles and caramelized onions.
The Hubby and I agreed that we would each order an entree and share with each other. He chose the grilled sea scallops. Although it was pretty tasty, it was also extremely expensive at $25 for only three scallops. I don't think we would order this one again. I have to give him props for ordering the wild mushrooms a la carte ($7, not pictured) though. 

Served over roasted marble potatoes and andouille
sausage, topped with spicy beurre blanc.
The all-star of the meal was my selection--the pan roasted chicken. It was perfectly cooked and remarkably juicy. We really could not get enough of it and would love to have it again. It was also a pretty hearty serving for $14.

A pan-roasted airline chicken breast served atop a charred corn
and crawfish Maque Choux, served with andouille sausage and a three chile coulis.
My only complaint is that our food took a long time to arrive. The waitress claimed that it was because the chicken dish typically takes longer than others, but she definitely avoided eye contact when it was fairly obvious we were growing anxious. We also saw food come out faster for the tables around us. I think they were probably understaffed because we were seated right before the dinner rush. 

Parking is a bit of a hassle for Bess Bistro, although they do offer valet parking for $7. If you're interested in making the trip to Bess's, I suggest purchasing a certificate. Sign up for their weekly deals and you can find promotion codes. I think I purchased our $25 certificate for only $2. 

We're definitely hitting up Walton's Fancy and Staple, also owned by Sandy, the next time we're over there.


Yum, I LOVE sea scallops, but you're right--only 3 for $25 is pretty outrageous. I loved Austin--there were so many great restaurants.
Debbie said…
I'm SO excited!