Booyah! (And On Being Green)

After the Great Ikea Assembly Project of 2011, I was left with a mountain of boxes to bring to the recycling center on my own. It took us months to slowly get rid of our Ikea box graveyard so I was not looking forward to handling this mess by myself. The Hubby, being the gentleman that he is, would let me sit in the passenger seat while he dumped everything on his own. I didn't have to move a finger.

I was able to jam everything in the car so that I only had to make a single trip! I ended up crawling on top of all the boxes to push the pile down enough so that I could see out of the back window. But this was the easy part.

The difficult part was figuring out how to open up the lid with one hand and being strong enough to lift boxes above my head with the other arm all while battling the strong winds--a task that would have been much easier if I had the biceps of my husband.

But, I did it! Another solo accomplishment to be proud of. I don't need no man!

I've been taking steps in this household to be a little more "green":

  • Unfortunately, our waste department does not offer a free recycling alternative and charges customers extra every month if they want to enter the recycling program. I've started putting plastic bottles and cardboard/paper products in a separate bag to take on post to recycle on my own.
  • I always bring my own reusable bags to every store when I shop. They are so much sturdier than the plastic ones so I make less trips back to the car when I bring groceries in. I have a collection of plastic bags still in my pantry from the rare instances that I forget to bring my own bag in, and I plan on saving some for doggy-duty and taking the rest to Walmart because they recycle plastic bags.
  • Electronics still use energy even when they are turned off (vampire power) so we unplug everything when not in use. Microwave, toaster, television, even lamps. It'll help save on your electricity bill, too.
  • I've always nagged The Hubby to turn off the faucet when he brushed his teeth. Our water bill is so outrageous that I'm a water Scrooge. I only run the dishwasher when it is full and if I hand wash anything I turn off the water unless I absolutely need it. And when the house heats up enough, I will go back to turning off the shower while lathering and only use the water for rinsing. 
  • I now purchase laundry detergents that are good for the environment, such as Method or the cheaper Purex Natural Elements. I also chose to grab the more expensive Ziploc Evolve bags than the regular ones because they're better for the environment. I only use Ziploc bags for separating bulk chicken breasts for easy defrosting.
  • I use reusable and washable towels when I wipe down the house so that I don't have to use paper towels. 
  • It would be so much easier for me if I had purchased disposable plates, but I never allowed myself because I know that otherwise I would use them 
Anyone else trying to be a little bit more friendly to our beautiful Earth?