In Pursuit of Happyness

My sister made a list of 100 things that make her happy and I wondered if I would be capable of making my own list. It started off being a lot more difficult that I thought it would be, but by the end of it I had found my stride and I could probably list many more if I wanted to.

The Tumblr Little Things definitely gave me inspiration though. It's a great blog that lists "all of the simple things we should appreciate."

1. A Raisinet that is more chocolate than raisin
2. When Bella sleeps with her head rested on any part of my body
3. When The Hubby spontaneously starts to dance to no music
4. The heat from the sun after coming out of a cold room
5. Hearing a song that I once loved but had forgotten about
6. Finding money in pockets or old wallets
7. Clever Chik-fil-a billboards
8. Television episodes where the main characters are held hostage
9. Old episodes of "Saved by the Bell", but not the college years
10. Comments on my blog so that I know people are reading
11. The super strong hand dryers in Target bathrooms
12. Cheeseless ham and pineapple pizzas from Domino's
13. Diet foods that don't taste like diet
14. Forever 21 $9.99 jeans that fit me properly
15. Dresses that don't make me look preggo
16. How spectacular my engagement ring looks after a cleaning
18. Good hair days
19. Good skin days
20. Recipes that turn out right
21. McAnything
22. No lines at the grocery store
23. Free samples. Free anything
24. Finding a good discount code on Retail Me Not. Buy one get one free large pizzas? Yes, please!
25. When Bella stretches her neck while sitting and tilts her head all the way back and looks like a wolf howling at the moon.
26. When Bella lifts up her face from a nap and it's a little smushed to the side
27. Pictures from our wedding
28. Sending out mail
29. Netflix's streaming option
30. When Lakers' games air on ABC
31. How much the neighborhood kids like petting Bella on our walks
32. Skinny days
33. The feeling after surviving a work out
34. When I make good food choices and control my chocolate and fried food cravings
35. My smoking hot, but sensitive, husband
36. The clearance section at Target
37. My legs after I shave them, which is rare these days
38. Blasting Disney music in the car and knowing every single word

39. Costco churros, chicken bakes, and fat-free frozen yogurt
40. Humming along to Disney's Fantasmic show and making a fool of myself, but not caring one bit
41. Being so entranced by a book that you can't put it down
42. Corny movies about teenage love. Coming of age movies
43. Bubble baths in nice hotel rooms
44. Finally remembering where you recognize an actor from when you see him/her in another role
45. Dresses and skirts with pockets
46. Making new friends without any hassle
47. Random acts of kindness
48. Well-behaved children
49. Seeing fathers with their kids
50. Breyer's lactose free vanilla ice cream
51. Finally beginning to use my sticker collection after hoarding them since middle school
52. Compliments from strangers
53. Eating perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy fruit
54. Putting on or taking off my bra without taking off my shirt
55. Sleeping in my underwear
56. When the house is at a comfortable temperature without any need for a heater or air conditioner
57. The first hug and kiss from my husband after not seeing him for days, weeks, or months
58. Plans that work out exactly as I had hoped
59. The cruise control function on our car
60. The first bite of a chocolate bar
61. Freshly made glazed donuts
62. Free bread from Angelo's and Vinci's, Red Lobster, or Cheddar's
63. When friends remember that I have an obsession with Snoopy and help me build my paraphernalia
64. Pretty gift wrapping

Amazing packaging by Rebecca for Christmas! Doilies, twine, and mason jars. A few of my favorite things.

65. When time flies when you want it to
66. Pens with ink flow that is just right
67. Finding the perfect gift for someone
68. Being organized
69. Itty bitty children's clothes
70. Splurging for Starbucks' soy chai tea lattes
71. When The Hubby reaches for my hand in the middle of the night
72. New clothes that look even better when I wear them at home than they did in the dressing room
73. Putting on chapstick when I really need it
74. When a movie was better than you expected
75. Beach volleyball games and finding people who want to play as long as you do
76. Getting tans without meaning to
77. Being invited to do things
78. Nutella waffles. Nutella cupcakes. Nutella stuffed French toast. Nutella cookies. Nutella on its own.
79. Having a coupon for something that you actually need
80. Thank you notes
81. Great service at a restaurant
82. Crawling into bed after a long day
83. When The Hubby warms up my side of the bed for me so that I don't have to deal with cold sheets
84. Driving to a new location and not getting lost once
85. When I let someone into my lane and they do the hand wave gesture to say thanks
86. Nice cashiers at a store or operators on the phone
87. Hearing that you've made someone's day
88. Taking a good picture
89. Back and foot rubs without asking for them
90. Hearing my husband say, "I love you."
91. Comfortable new shoes
92. Trying on clothes and realizing that you need a size smaller
93. The interaction between Abed and Troy on "Community"

94. Asian candy and snacks
95. My grandma's cooking
96. Teaching someone how to do something and not getting frustrated once
97. The instant satisfaction of Toll House break and bake cookies
98. Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby's 40% off coupons
99. Seeing an older couple still madly in love
100. Leaving hidden notes for The Hubby to find


Julian said…
I love #14 :D
Spencer said…
i dont think ive ever heard you even mention snoopy
Rebecca said…
aww i love this! i want to do one now, too.

i miss getting rss feeds for your blog. my computer is still broken. will catch up now....