Seriously, folks. This is life altering, earth-shattering news so pay attention!

I love Thin Mints, but Girl Scout cookies are evil because they are both overpriced and you can't just eat one.  It's physically impossible to put the box away once you open it. And what's worse is that they only come around once a year. Who made Girl Scouts the dictator of all mint chocolatey satisfaction, anyway? I thought my only chance of having them throughout the year was to make Thin Mints myself, but you all know how that turned out.

I resisted buying any cookies this year, despite the fact that those dang Girl Scouts and their troop leaders parked their behinds in front of Target every.single.day. But they were all that I could think about, and it was too late...Until I saw these Keebler Fudge Shoppe Grasshopper cookies on sale at the commissary for less than two dollars.

"Fudge mint cookies?!" SCORE. Four delicious cookies take up 140 calories in my daily budget, but so so worth it.
Like Samoas over Thin Mints? Well, first of all, you're INSANE, but I'll help you out anyway. Keebler also makes Coconut Dreams. Thank you, little elves!


Shirley said…
i agree thin mints are delicious and very evil.
Spencer said…
i can eat 4 and put them away B)
Shirley said…
Spencer you are either lying or you have much higher self discipline than most. =)