Independent (or Very Stubborn) Woman

Here's a little story about why I had to assemble some very large pieces of furniture on my own. When The Hubby's family came to visit in January and we needed to prepare the guest room, we decided to swap out our own bed frame for a new one. 

This would have been a great idea, except that we wanted a bed frame that was not in stock. "We should be getting a shipment next week," Ikea said. Liars. The bed frame was not in stock until literally the day before TH left for Iraq, leaving us with just a mattress on the floor for two months. 

We decided to get the bed along with other furniture pieces later when my sister visited in order to only pay for shipping once. On Saturday, we headed to Round Rock to finally get the furniture I had been waiting for. Debbie and I first tried to place the parts for an eight-drawer dresser into our cart, and it was disastrous. An actual crowd formed just watching us struggle with a piece that weighed more than we did. Luckily, an older woman pitched in and helped us while all the men passed by. Chivalry is dead.

I eventually asked an Ikea employee to round up all of the pieces we needed. My sister pushed this large and heavy cart to the checkout on her own while I had my own cart of smaller items. 

After all this, we went to their delivery department and I was dumbfounded when the man told me that they only offer next-day delivery. This was unacceptable because I had planned to take Debbie to Austin Sunday and spend the entire day there.  

The Hubby and I have had numerous dealings with Ikea's delivery services, and only one has been pleasant. In the beginning, they only offered delivery on Mondays and Fridays in the Fort Hood area. Then they charged an exorbitant amount for shipping as-is items. And this time around they could not work with my schedule at all...until I sweet-talked annoyed another guy enough that he broke some rules and scheduled our delivery for Monday. Perfection.

Delivery was too late on Monday for me to begin the assembling process, but after breakfast on Tuesday, I got down to work. I was excited to do away with the crack house look and have a real bedroom.

Our ugly and embarrassing bedroom with the usual squatter. 
The Hubby did not have any confidence in my furniture building abilities, and even I had no idea how I would pull it off. I'm actually very capable of using tools and reading the directions, but the large scale of the items made the entire thing seem impossible. 

The first step was to find some mindless movie on Netflix to have in the background. Then, I set out all the similar parts together and cleared some space. Bella was especially nosy so I put her on the mattress where she could watch me from a comfortable distance.

And two hours later, the skeleton of the dresser was complete.

The drawers were somewhat easy to assemble and I thought I was home free. But then two of the top drawers would not slide in properly! I reviewed the instruction manual, determined that I had done absolutely everything correctly, and have come up with the conclusion that Ikea packaged some faulty parts. I am not to blame for this. Promise!

I was hesitant to tell The Hubby about this because I thought he would roll his eyes and blame my lack of man parts for being unable to assemble furniture properly. But the wonderful husband that he is said, "Well, it's mainly for decoration anyway." I knew I married him for a reason!

So I jimmied it with some cardboard and you can't even tell, can you? It serves its purpose of holding our television and filling up the room quite nicely.

The bed was a much simpler assembly process, and I was so excited to use our new bedding. I probably should have taken the picture in the daytime the next morning to get a better shot, but I rarely make the bed so this is as good as it will look until The Hubby comes back home. 

Not sure why I always have extra parts left over...

I was able to purchase most of the main pieces I wanted for my craft room aka sewing room aka scrapbooking room aka gift wrapping room aka blogging room.

During the assembly process, I got really creative with the ways I would put parts together. My legs got into the action quite often since I only have two arms to brace things. As I was in the following poses, I thought to myself: 1. "I look absolutely ridiculous" and 2. "I must take pictures and blog about it." 

You're welcome for the laughs.

The Expedit shelves are extremely easy to put together. After you get done with the first row, the next few are a breeze. As I powered through, I had convinced myself that I could eventually turn this 143lb. shelf over on my own.

"Just use your legs, Min. You've been working out. You can do this!"

I could not do it. I couldn't even lift a corner of it half an inch above the ground enough to slide my hand under. 

But I didn't give up! Instead, I disassembled a couple of rows and set them aside, which was enough weight to make the entire thing light enough for me to lift it up. 

Tada! Done in two hours flat. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty awesome about myself. 

How long do you think it will take me to transport all of this cardboard to the recycling center on post?

My fingers are raw from tightening things with the crummy metal Ikea tools and I am more sore now than after a workout. But dang it, I feel gooood.

Source: via Min on Pinterest


Spencer said…
hahahaha you look like sebulba the pod racer from star wars!
caitlin said…
i wish we had an Ikea in Hawaii! way to go on building all that furniture ~ if i ever tried to do that it would be a major FAIL!
julian said… are way flexible. in love with the bedding!