Plans for Tonight

I've spent most of the day waiting to see if The Hubby would come online with no luck. I really wanted to speak to him today.

As a result, I finally scrubbed down the tub in our master bathroom. The Hubby has been using it as a way to catch body powder every morning and it was Bella's bath for the longest time. But tonight, it will be mine. I'm hoping that a little bit of pampering will help lift my spirits and help me sleep better later.

Vanilla frosting scented candles and vanilla amber bath salts while I listen to a recording of Eat, Pray, Love... I plan on coming out of the tub smelling like a bakery shop and I'm going to stew in my own filth until any stress I may have melts away.

And I'm going to pretend that I have a bathroom like this while I'm at it.

Or a tub like this.