Cat Fights and Cookies

I haven't been the best blogger as of late. This week, along with the past two months, flew by so quickly. Bella's health scare made this week more stressful than usual. Thankfully, Bella was not diagnosed with kennel cough and is back to normal. Besides the stains on the carpets and a slight dent in our bank account, there are no remnants of her coughing fits. Phew!

She was even well enough to pose for a birthday picture for my sister. Isn't my daughter adorable? Happy birthday, sister!

Are you guys tired of hearing about my substitute teaching adventures yet? I'm not tired of sharing my stories. I have a new one every day.
  • Got sick of students talking about having swagger so I told my eight grade boys that no one had swagger. They were highly offended.
  • Eighth graders didn't know how to add fractions. 
  • I forgot the answer to 9 x 3.
  • I had lunch duty and a fight broke out in the cafeteria. It was like a prison riot. I was the closest adult so I stepped in-between the two girls immediately and tried to break it up. I was bombarded by students trying to get closer to view the cat fight and it was a good two minutes before another adult showed up to help me. It was terrifying! By the end of lunch, the girls were best friends again.
  • I will never sub on a Friday afternoon again.
  • Heard that someone gets jumped every day at the local high school. 
  • Some of the middle schooler girls are more developed than I am. I should have had a better diet when I was still growing.
  • Lunch at the school consisted of tater tots, cheese pizza, chips, and ice cream. Jamie Oliver, please come to Texas. 
  • I'm becoming slightly less offended when students ask me about my ethnicity. They don't make racist remarks or anything. I can see that they are legitimately curious because they rarely see Asian people in this area. 
  • My married name is also a topic of discussion. I guess there aren't that many German names in Texas either? At least no one has called me Mrs. Shit yet. That's one of my worst fears.
You can call me Mrs. S. (source)

Highlights of the week:
  • Heard multiple students shout, "It's her! She's the best sub ever!" on Friday when I walked in the classroom.
  • A friend made two giant meatballs without cheese in it just for me because she remembered that I was lactose intolerant for a potluck yesterday. Another friend did that for me a few months ago with her enchiladas. I have amazing friends here!
  • Successfully made Snickers stuffed chocolate chip cookies for a potluck today. Can't wait to make them for The Hubby when he returns. I was baking them while we were Sype-ing today and he told me to take a bite. I definitely taunted him with all the chocolatey goodness. No photos because they were finished too quickly.
  • Saw Bella sniffing a baby's head with a lot of interest today. Made my ovaries quiver. 


mayan said…
i love this print and i love the avett brothers even more. pinning!
Aww, that must have made you feel so good when the kids shouted that you were the best sub ever! I like hearing about your sub adventures. I'm always amazed at how different things seem to be in TX.