Kennel Cough?

Bella started coughing violently last night and throwing up white foam. Whenever I see her struggling like this, I want to just hold her and cry a bit. I just feel so badly for her. I wonder what it'll be like when my kids are sick. I imagine much worse.

I looked up all the symptoms and they are a complete match for kennel cough. I'm just glad that besides the few spurts of wheezing and coughing she is acting normally and doesn't seem to be phased. However, this will mean more vet bills, not being able to work because her coughing in the kennel will make it much worse, and backing out on a promise to dog sit for a friend tomorrow.

I was also supposed to go to a free retreat to a great hotel in a couple of weeks, but now I can't attend. This wouldn't be such a big deal except I was supposed to go with another friend and she was only going to attend if I was. Just a few hours before Bella started showing symptoms I purchased a ticket to see Death Cab for Cutie in concert next week. I may not be able to go to that either because my long absence will cause stress which can be bad for her as well. Again, not a big deal except that the person who invited me was only going to the concert if I was. I absolutely hate being a flake!

I'm taking Bella in tomorrow and we'll see what the vet diagnoses. The real kicker of this is that I'm fairly certain she caught kennel cough when she went to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and was locked up in the back kennels. Until then, my dog loving readers, do you think Bella has kennel cough? This video isn't even of her worst coughing fits. Poor girl!


Will we have to add kennel cough to all of the problems Bella has?
Separation anxiety
Slight OCD
Bad digestion
Ear infections
Corneal dystrophy
Torn ACL's


I don't know much about kennel cough, but you're right, it does seem like that's what it is. How awful that she probably got it from the vet's kennels! It's nice of you to rearrange your plans for Bella's sake--you're a wonderful dog mom!