Top Contender

A local dog trainer is having a contest for families of deployed Soldiers to win free dog training. You know all about Bella's numerous "quirks"ranging from having difficulty making left turns, urinating indoors and getting into the trash. The worst of her many problems is her severe separation anxiety. We fear that Bella will one day severely injure herself one day. She already has scars on her face from her multiple escape attempts.

We've tried natural remedies, the Thundershirt and some techniques we found online, but nothing has worked thus far. I even put in rawhides with her to keep her occupied, but she waits for me to return home to chew it, which is absolute craziness for our food loving canine. Our veterinarian refuses to prescribe her any medications. I think he may change his mind if I showed him the video below.

I recently set up my laptop to capture video of how Bella behaves in her cage while I am away. I was out of the house for about and hour and a half and I would say that Bella was barking 75 of those 90 minutes. I've condensed the video to about four minutes. Bella would bark, try to break out, take a break (but never rested her head or slept) and then start over. It makes me feel so awful to see her in this state. I didn't even know that Bella could howl!

With me working more often, Bella spends more time in her cage than ever (if she doesn't escape, that is). For Bella's sake, I really hope we get picked to get free training! It's a good thing I have this blog because it means I have endless photos and videos documenting her bursts of insanity. Wish us luck!


Shirley said…
Good luck Bella!
Joana said…
Poor Bella! This video makes me want to cry. I know she has escaped from her crate so she would probably bust out of or break down baby/dog gates, right? We used gates to confine Levi to part of our house and then just made sure there was nothing he could get in to...although he did chew the carpets and curtains. Crazy dogs!