Our Future

I'm sorry I haven't been able to write much lately. I get so tired from substitute teaching that I just want to sit, eat and watch television. Today is no exception. I have been doing really well with walking Bella daily and exercising as well, but I'm feeling especially lousy tonight due to allergies so I'm giving myself a little break.

One of the classes I had today was assigned to type up a journal entry at least 100 words in length. I truly hope that as a sixth grader I had better writing skills than these three kids! I feel sorry for their English teachers. I don't understand how it is possible for there to be so many mistakes when the students typed their journal entries in word processors that do automatic grammar and spell checks. It's really depressing!

Journal 1: today I waked up in the morning I brushed mt tooth I went out side' look at the weather' got ready for school eat brefreast ' I watched tv I went to the bus stop then I got the the bus!!!!!!! then I got to school gang out with friends then I got to mi first period class I did some math problems'!!!!!! then I went to lunch I talked to my best friend and now Im in 9th period then I have dance practice (: and Im going to hang out with my friends

Journal 2: Today I was sitting with the girl I punch Friday because she take my pencil and my erase and I don like nobody to take my stuff and she take it and I tell here to live my stuff alone. And today we finish to see the movie of Gnome and Juliet and we started again with that movie is awesome. 

Journal 3: to day I did nothing real. On the bust I got new seats. i was wlaking to my friends house. I eat a hour dog for lunch It was good. I did not tolk a but enwytheag at luche. I real a sleep in 7th period it is histoer. It is fun normely but not to day. I was playing tag in p.e. it was not fun. My friend is dun all ready he is playing a game right now. He is a sniper in the game. After this I am playing a game its cool.

But do you know what's worse than their horrible writing skills? The fact that they hurried to finish their journal entries so that they could play disturbing games such as The Torture Game 3 and Kill Osama Bin Laden.

I'm beginning to think that I want our children to go to private schools.


Spencer said…
hahahaha that first student has got to be trolling you with those exclamation points. either that or she writes her journals like this


on a serious note, i feel like people played stupid flash games like the kill osama one when we were young too. the torture one really is troubling though. i seems like that would affect kids psychologically o_O
Rebecca said…
HAHAHA this is really sad. esp the happy face. seriously??