I told you how the kids in my classes have the strangest names. I'm no longer phased by them and my inability to pronounce anything correctly, but it has messed me up in an unexpected way. I now prepare myself thinking that a name is pronounced differently than what I would assume it to be and it sometimes backfires on me.

A girl in my ninth grade geography class was named Januari.

Me: "Juan-air-y? Is Juan-air-y here? No? Jan-are-ee?"

crickets chirp

Me: "J-A-N-U-A-R-I?"

Student: "You mean January?" (pronounced like the month)

Me: "Err yeah. January?"

Thank goodness she was absent.

I met an eighth grader named Unique on Friday. She has a lot to live up to.


Spencer said…
lol i don't think you mentioned spelling it out when you first told me