Gruesome Halloween Treats

Many weeks ago, I attended a free Halloween culinary demonstration on post. 

The chefs demonstrated how to make several Halloween themed food items. I loved this little ghost cake with her little red sneakers.

This eyeball cake seemed pretty easy to make as well. 

These severed finger cookies looked so realistic that they were a little hard to take a bite into without cringing.

I skipped out on eating worms on a bun with green colored mustard.

The brain cocktail was pretty clever and smelled quite tasty.

And this kitty litter cake was absolutely gag-worthy, especially when served in a kitty litter box. 

They let us play with fondant, something I've always wanted to try myself.

But my absolute favorite Halloween idea was the Jell-O worm that was both sweet and sickly at the same time. Such a clever trick!

They were also nice and wiggly.

I had to get a picture with this chocolate figure. I thought I was much closer to it, but this picture obviously shows how creeped out I am by this fake conducter.

Halloween is one of The Hubby's favorite holidays. I would love to throw a Halloween party one day (if he's ever home on Halloween, that is!).


Shirley said…
The cakes look so delicious!
Those really are gruesome looking cakes and cookies. That's one way to not be tempted. Makes me totally lose my appetite!