The Great Escape

This giant Route 44 peach sweet tea was my form of self medication for an exceptionally CRAPTASTIC work day. It was fifteen minutes before the end of happy hour and I needed something to soothe my nerves after almost eight hours with the worst fifth graders in the world. I never even considered talking back to adults when I was in school. 

These kids have no fear. They don't respond to threats. They don't care if they disrespect you or their peers. If you write their name on the board they complain and ask five minutes later if I'm ever going to take it down. I thought that maybe I was a bad substitute, but I saw that they were behaving just as badly with their music teacher. 

I was more than ready to get back home, change my clothes, and eat a hearty salad for dinner in my underpants. But when I opened the door, I found that Bella pulled a Houdini and escaped from her kennel once again. I knew I had padlocked her kennel so I was completely confused.

As you can see, the lock was still there holding the door to the kennel, but not where it belonged. 

Apparently, if you push the kennel enough with all your doggy force you can loosen up the screws just enough to create some leverage and pop out the cage door. If you look carefully, you can see that Bella tore off three metal bars from the door with her teeth.

And of course whenever Bella busts out she searches for food. She knows exactly where to go, too. Typically, she goes for the trash can, but today she grabbed her storage box in the living room where I keep all of her treats and grooming supplies. Bella then dragged everything all over the house and ate every last morsel. I'm not even sure how she is able to pull out the box without damaging it one bit. 

I tried a new herbal remedy for Bella meant to calm her down this morning and it obviously did not work. I had such high hopes for it too after the Thundershirt failure. I believe that Bella fights through any pain or fatigue. I'm still very upset with her and haven't pet her at all since I got back home. 

Since I was away for so long, I expected to find at least one puddle of urine in the house. I didn't find any (thank goodness), but I did notice something strange about the blinds in our bedroom.

One of the strings somehow snapped. Perfect.

I'm hoping The Hubby can figure out a way to fix it when he gets home.

I also received a bit of a snarky email and had to deal with that accordingly. Some people believe that they are entitled to more than they actually are. At this point, I was literally shaking with a combination of anger and frustration.

After all that, I decided to mellow out on the couch and watch "Ace of Cakes", which has honestly become one of my absolute favorite things to do daily. I found out that my DVR had a glitch and only recorded some of it. Awesome.

My dear friend knew exactly how to cheer me up: food with a smiley face and a coupon for ice cream. I have the most amazing friends here. Thanks, T! Fist bump "hug"!

Mmm...she has me hooked on pulled pork. It took a lot of self control to only eat half of it.

And then I accidentally ripped my coupon in half as I was peeling it off from the foil. Good thing my buddy Robert will still let me use it.

It was one of those horrible days that made me wish I had a husband around who could help me bake angry brownies and then do the dishes afterwards. Did I ever tell you that I bake when I'm upset? Something about the measuring of ingredients and stirring calms me down. Except I'm completely out of oil and eggs.

I know that there are people dying in the world and all that, but I just had a bad day for my lame standards. Usually when I'm so agitated I just hold Bella for a bit and feel better, but today she is a major source of frustration.

Hubby, you can come home anytime now...

Source: via Min on Pinterest