Sit Down and Shut Up

I need to watch this every day before I go into a classroom for some empowerment. As a substitute and a female I cannot possibly tell students to shut up or that I will "make change" out of them, but I can at least exude the same amount of confidence and ownership of the classroom. Thanks for sharing, Spencer and Kenny (almost).


I think it's sad that I am legitimately scared of being too harsh to a student because I'll get shanked or something. This is an entirely different generation with lack of respect and with a lot of anger. And yet I still prefer middle school and high school students over elementary school kiddies. 


Belinda said…
I think being in Honors and AP classes has something to do with your concept of how students ought to/or used to behave in class...the "regular" classes were totally different.
Justine and I took regular civics and econ senior yr and were exposed to a totally different classroom.
Min said…
Belinda, you're definitely right. Classmates were awful in my drama classes. I guess I erased that from my memory!