You Can Do it!

Thank you, Halls Vitamin C Defense Drops for giving me a few words of encouragement on your little wrappers. Things have been a little stressful around here with Bella being sick, me beginning to work (and having to take time off), and Army responsibilities. But, you're right, Halls. I can do it, and I know it.

There's a chance that Bella does not have kennel cough, but that her throat is just irritated from the tube they stuck down her throat from her teeth cleaning. I'm supposed to take her back in three days for a recheck. Crossing my fingers that her medications will cure her horrible hacking and that she will be fine.

Last night, I tried to block Bella from going into my carpeted bedroom because she had already spotted it with all the foam and mucus she's been throwing up. I placed her bed right outside my doorway, left the door open, and placed objects in the way so that she couldn't come in. She whined, stared, paced, and eventually pushed her way through. The only way I even knew she made her way in was when she started coughing and I realized that she was right next to me.

This dog cannot even be in a separate room from me. I would call that an unhealthy obsession.

I'm going to sleep on the couch tonight. The things I do for my daughter.