Frank Hot Dogs

After a fabulous Saturday morning kayaking on Lady Bird Lake...

...and an afternoon cooling off at Barton Springs Pool...

...we were hungry! So we stopped off at Frank for lunch. They were featured by GoogleChrome and have ridiculously high ratings on Yelp.

I was tempted to get their Animal Style hot dog (shout out to In N Out), but I ended up choosing one of their artisan dogs, The Notorious P.I.G. Guys, I ate a hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese. I only ate half because I thought I would die if I ate the entire thing at once. 

The Hubby, who is more boring health conscious than I am chose a Chicago and Slaw Dog. 

While my hot dog (if you could call it that) was flavorful, it was also $8.50, cold, and not very filling. Service was also incredibly slow, although the waitress was apologetic and very sweet. I don't think we'll be visiting Frank again. Could it be that we're just devoted to Pink's?

P.S. We also saw this super cool dude with his super cool dog paddling down the lake. The dog was perfectly still and so content on the water, not like lame Bella. Hubby claims he saw the guy catch a water snake on his paddle, which made him absolutely freak out and tumble off his board. Poor puppy fell in, too.