Hubby and His Headlamp

I came out of the shower last night to find my husband wearing his headlamp, armed with a hammer and screwdriver. He loves his headlamp and comes up with any excuse to use it.

Our sprinklers haven't been working for months, but we only realized it recently. Thankfully, we have had more rain than usual or else our lawn would be in even worse shape. For the past few weeks I've been contacting our rental company to get someone to take a look at our sprinklers.

"Oh, they're probably winterized."
"Winterized? I have no idea what that means."
"We do that here so that pipes don't freeze in the winter."

They did not do this last year when we had a much colder winter and they did not bother letting us know about it this year, thus the dead grass. Also, PIPES FREEZE HERE?!

The Hubby was sick of waiting for them to take care of it so he did it himself, thanks to a YouTube video (and his headlamp, of course). 

I told him that him taking care of our house would be pretty hot, if it weren't for the giant beam of light blinding me.

"Do you remember what Will said about shining a light in the grass at night and seeing all the bug eyes? It's f*cking true."

Great. Good to know.