Let's Make: Earrings for Sensitive Ears

The Hubby bought me a really fancy pair of earrings last December as a Happy Anniversary/Merry Christmas/End of Deployment gift. You know, the kind that comes in the little blue box? I felt terrible when my ears decided to reject them completely. They were painful to wear and I hated keeping them in a drawer. I looked into why I was allergic to sterling silver and found out that the traces of nickel was what my body hated. 

It turns out that there is actually an easy solution for changing any earring into something I could actually wear without pain. All you have to do is coat the earring post with a layer of clear nail polish. Since I did that more than a month ago, I've been wearing my beautiful earrings 24/7. 

I've heard of this little trick before, but never believed it. I can finally confirm it. Imagine that!