Let's Make: A Weekly Dinner Menu!

My mother never allowed us to hang miscellaneous items on our refrigerator. She's not a fan of clutter so report cards or drawings by yours truly never made it on the fridge. Coupons, however, were allowed as long as they remained on the side of the fridge out of sight. I decided to upgrade our fridge decor today as a calendar from 2010 really needed to go. 

My favorite additions include DIY cloth covered clothespin magnets I whipped up weeks ago and a free printable from EatDrinkChic. I took my day off (the first of many) to set up our new wireless printer and went a little crazy.

I spent the majority of my day creating this weekly dinner menu (and blogging about it). I adore it because it was a free project and I think it's extremely practical. I am terrible about planning out my meals for the week and using up all of my fresh produce I purchased thinking I would actually use it all. 

I know there are tons of weekly dinner planners out there that you can print out and use. Martha even has a dry erase version that I was tempted to purchase. I really wanted one that could integrate my pre-existing recipe cards from my giant recipe binder. This way, I can just pull out the card(s) I needed for a specific day instead of fumbling through my binder and it's super flexible. It also makes grocery list making loads easier.

Want to make one? It's so easy! First, grab a plastic page protector and fold in in fourths. I found this to make perfect size pockets for my 3 by 5 index cards.

Insert some pretty cardstock that you wouldn't mind displaying and sew on the folds, using them as a guideline. I chose pink thread because I like the feminine touch. Don't forget to backstitch! Here's a video if you need extra help.

Trim off the end where the existing closing was so that you create openings for the pockets.

Stick in the recipes for the week and you're good to go. I printed out two cards that say "Take a Break Today (Let's Eat Out)" and "Fend for Yourself" for those days you just don't feel like cooking.

"Fend for Yourself" days are usually turkey bacon and egg dinners.

You can put multiple recipe cards in one slot and move them around accordingly.

Voila! I just hope I follow through with my dinner plans! 

This week's dinners: