Lean Mean Sewing Machine

I had to drop off our new car at the dealership to get some dents taken out. I'm not sure why people think it's okay to slam their car doors into neighboring cars. While it was a pain in the bum, I was able to take advantage of my day off from subbing and lock myself in my craft room. 

Washed and ironed some new fabric for my stash.

Made some patterns so that I can finally cut in a straight line.

Sewed a fully lined zippered box pouch. Tutorial by Pretty Modern.

I loved the first one so much that I made another. 

I think I'm obsessed with zippers.

Created a zippered wristlet and added a pocket to a tutorial by Splityarn.

And a blue bow clutch for my grandma for Mother's Day.


mayan said…
these all look amazeballs! you should def open up an etsy shop and sell these if you haven't already! or sell them at your local craft fairs :)
Min said…
Thanks! I would totally sell them, but if you look really closely I still can't sew in a straight line...
Rebecca said…
min these are AMAZING. i would NEVER try these. good job!!! you're getting so good. (doing my periodic mass catching up on your life)