Photo Dump

A collection of pictures from my phone, both old and new.

Peony season is my favorite time of the year.
Best fortunes.
Big Lots finds.
My love for all things Martha.

Scored a beautiful $15 H&M dress I found on clearance.
Good deed of the day: leaving coupons I don't plan on using around Target.

Delicious French Toast from Walton's Fancy and Staple in Austin.
A donut obsession.

Boredom on our road trip.
Bella is jealous of Riley's true lapdog size.
Fast asleep like this.
A loose dachshund outside my window. 

It's like eating really old gum.
I have poor veins for blood tests.
Bella arranges the stuffing on her bed so that it perfectly cradles her body.
A strange looking gecko finds its way into our house.


Spencer said…
lol youre like the target fairy
i wish there was a target fairy at the target i shop at =/
Patty said…
Love peonies as well!
Patty said…
Love peonies as well!