No, Merle! Why?!

A long time ago, I had read a review by Cabana's mom on the book Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog. I finally had the chance to finish reading it on Monday and it really broke my heart.

I absolutely loved the book and it's one I would like to add to our little library. Despite enjoying it so much, I was dreading the ending the entire time because I knew that eventually the clever dog's health would deteriorate and I would end up crying.

And cry I did. I came out of the bedroom in tears and blubbered on about how Merle was dead and how I didn't want Bella to die. Hubby just looked at me in confusion. Who was this maniac and could it possibly be the same woman he had married?

Basically, I was like this woman crying after "Marley and Me."


I started hugging Bella and telling her, "Bella, don't die, okay? Okay, Bella? Don't die!" Of course she refused to pay any attention to me and continued sleeping.

So that's why this blog has been so focused on dogs lately.

I am looking forward to reading about Merle's predecessor, Pukka, though. It'll be nice to read a book about a dog and not have it die at the end.


Rachel Schain said…

This is a good book about dogs where the dog does not die at the end. :-)
Min said…
Thanks, Rachel! I'll definitely put it on my list of books to read.