Gone Camping...At Home

I like sleeping under a roof. (source)
Guys, we didn't have clean running water from Sunday to Wednesday morning. It was terrible.

We woke up to really low water pressure on Sunday morning. It was an inconvenience because I couldn't make Hubby wash our crockpot for dinner. I even had the foresight to take out our chicken to thaw out the morning before, which rarely happens. My meal plan was awry, and I was not happy. There was nothing we could do so we went on with our day and headed to Austin with Bella and friends to the dog park.

All three of us were filthy from having dozens of wet dogs rub up against us. It was devastating to find out that our water supply was not deemed safe and needed to be tested for E. coli and other bacteria. So gross!

Luckily, we had emergency bottles of water in the closet and plenty of hand sanitizer to wash our hands with. However, I was not up to boiling water to wash our dishes or vegetables for dinner. We ended up going to McDonald's and ordering five McChicken sandwiches, small fries, and 20-piece Chicken McNuggets. Disgusting.

Thankfully, one of my friends allowed us to invade her home to take hot showers before bed. And it felt soooo good. Bella remained gloriously stinky though because I couldn't risk her consuming the water during her bath.

On Monday, we were still told that the water was unsafe. Hubby was to leave for the field the next day so I purchased a bunch of microwave meals for dinner for myself in case I was unable to cook the next few days. I told him that he was getting some insight on my life while he was deployed.

The city only advised us to boil water used for consumption and said that doing laundry and taking showers was fine, but I wasn't risking it. There might be shit in my water. SHIT IN MY WATER. No, thank you.

Hubby asked why I was freaking out. Again, to him I say: SHIT IN MY WATER.

As if this water thing wasn't bad enough, I am still without a valid drivers license because it is taking forever and a day for even my temporary license to arrive from California. In case you haven't put it all together, I was stranded at home by myself without any clean running water for days. At one point, our electricity went out and I started swearing up and down.

I had to ask a friend to drive me to her house so that I could shower because baby wipes and dry shampoo just wasn't going to cut it.

Yes, I know that there are many people in the world without the luxury of having clean water, but I am not accustomed to this. I'm so thankful to live in a country where we have access to E. coli free water (most of the time).

Agenda for the weekend includes filling up our emergency bin, which has been empty since Bella decided to eat three packages of MREs, chemicals and all. She should probably be dead. How is it that she can eat such terrible things and be okay, but needs dog food that costs $85 for a 25-lb bag?

Washing dishes is the bane of my existence, but I couldn't wait to do some scrubbing when the water was finally deemed safe. After this little mishap, I'm trying to make more of an effort to tidy up the house before going to bed. We'll see how long that lasts...


Patty said…
Oh my gosh you poor thing!!! I hope they fix it really soon because it sounds terrible!!
Min said…
Patty, taking a shower in my own home never felt more wonderful.