Disney Princess

I had a wonderful dream this morning. I dreamt that I was chosen out of everyone to be the official Disney Princess of the Day. I don't know if there is such a thing outside of Dreamland, but I was it!

This meant that I had an entourage, got a makeover, and was able to wear a glamorous dress. And I don't mean a stupid polyester dress from the stores on Main Street. I'm talking an Oscar Red Carpet worthy dress. I was going to lead the parade around Disneyland and I didn't even have to practice my wave since I've been practicing it ever since seeing "The Princess Diaries" for the first time in middle school.

The best part of it was that all of the friends and family members I had ever encountered were allowed to enter my Magic Kingdom for free.

My arch nemesis from high school was even guaranteed free admission. Even though I hated her stinkin' guts, I still allowed her to enjoy Disneyland because I was a pretty, pretty princess who had a kind and gentle heart. And she thanked me profusely. "Why, how generous of you, Princess Min. I'm sorry I ever treated you badly."

I don't remember much else, but at one point I WAS FREAKIN' FLYING. Like magic pixie dust flying!

But then I woke up and realized that I was actually still in my bedroom in middle-of-nowhere Texas. Sad day, you guys. Sad day.

I blame Facebook for this dream. Blackout days for annual pass holders has finally ended so everybody and their moms decided to post pictures of them at Disneyland on Facebook. How inconsiderate!

My sister is guilty of this as well, but at least her picture was clever:

Best McKayla Maroney face
I'm not going to forgive her though for showing me this video of Disney's new Glow with the Show Ears. Somebody please PLEASE take me Disneyland!


Spencer said…
geez ive woken up super distraught after waking from some good dreams but what you went through just seems flat out depressing lol. watch a disney movie maybe? or a fantasmic recording? i actually feel a little spoiled now because just this week i was about to go but called it off because the weather wasnt just right hahaha....sorry
Patty said…
You are too funny! I miss Dinseyland too :( :(