CA Day 9: Full Stomachs, Balboa Park, and Gnarly Waves

We had big things planned for our first full day in San Diego. For breakfast, we hit up Snooze and were able to get the last table in the restaurant. Our food took awhile to come out and we were in a rush to go kayaking so we were unable to fully enjoy our meals. Hubby went with the french toast while I ordered their famous Pancake Flight. The upside down pineapple pancake was superb while I was underwhelmed by the red velvet and Heath chocolate pancakes even though they sounded terrific.

I had purchased a TravelZoo voucher for OEX La Jolla's kayaking tour months before our trip knowing that it was going to be the highlight of our time in San Diego. I was going to bring my camera, but I'm so thankful I decided against it because we ended up falling into the ocean and were completely soaked, head to toe.

Hubby and I were one of the few couples who made it past the waves without tipping our kayak over when we went into the ocean. We were so proud of ourselves for our expert kayaking skills thanks to Hubby's Ranger School knowledge and our experiences in Austin. I even fought the urge to throw up all of my pancakes from motion sickness.

But when we were heading back to the beach, a giant wave swept us up and our kayak completely turned us over. I was trapped under the kayak for a hot second and banged my head against it while trying to get myself out of the water. I guess I have zero survival skills because my first instinct wasn't "Hey, you're under water. Hold your breath." I inhaled so much salt water and came crawling out of the ocean like a wet dog. Hubby claims that us falling into the ocean was the best part of the trip.

An hour and a half of paddling made us hungry. Incredibly fresh fish tacos from Blue Water Seafood Market hit the spot. Hubby was head over heels after his first bite.

Our next stop was the absolutely gorgeous Balboa Park. The park is so large that we had no idea where to begin. Since we found free parking near the San Diego Air & Space Museum, we went there first. Hubby has a huge interest in planes so I knew it would be a treat for him.

Hubby read every single sign, even bending down to read the ones that weren't at eye level. I was exhausted from getting thrown around in the ocean so I found a viewing room and sank in a seat while watching the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! until Hubby was done.

Every structure in Balboa Park was stunning and we were just in awe the entire time. It didn't hurt that the weather was perfect throughout our entire trip.

I really wanted a picture of the two of us together, but The Hubby was nervous about handing a stranger my nice camera. I spotted a Chinese tourist with the same exact camera so I trusted him with my camera. He literally got into the stereotypical Asian photographer pose and snapped away. My mother always told me that knowing how to speak Mandarin would come in handy.

An awkward arm shot while we waited for the free trolly to pick us up.

We couldn't leave San Diego without trying Extraordinary Desserts. I hear people rave about this place all the time and I'm sad to report that the Banker's Hill location disappointed us immensely. We found our desserts to be dry and ridiculously overpriced. I can't help but wonder if we would have had better luck at the other location.

Thankfully, we ended the day on a high note when we ate at Gajin Noodle & Sake House for dinner. Our server didn't spoil us with free sake shots or appetizers like I've seen on Yelp reviews, but he was extremely pleasant and helpful. If we ever make it to San Diego again, we would make a meal out of their carnitas baos alone.


Patty said…
Looks like so much fun!! My hub is like that too, he reads EVERYTHING! Maybe it's a boy thing. And oh my gosh the food looks amazing.
mayan said…
balboa park was a perfect suggestion!

i still need to try snooze, and i def need to try blue water seafood market! i almost went there the other day, but ended up going to a pub on the same street for fish and chips in honor of the olympics :)

i actually LOVE extraordinary desserts, but only because i get the same two things: chocolate croissant bread pudding and the chocolate strudel, neither of which you ordered, of course haha.

i've only been to gajin for drinks at an indecent hour. they did a round of free sake shots while we were there! their black sesame shave ice was so good...

i obvi love food just as much as you do ;) glad you had a good time in sd and qt with the hubby!
Min said…
Patty: It may be the military thing and they're more interested in history? Who knows?

Marion: Thanks so much for your suggestions! I wish there were more meals in a day so that we had an excuse to try out more places. I guess we'll just have to visit again!