Sleepless Nights

Source: via Min on Pinterest

Hubby and I are both ill. It started out with an innocent cough last week from The Hubby and progressively turned into some sort of all out assault on his throat. He would cough all through the night and I would think to myself, “Gah! Please shut up! I'm trying to sleep.”

Yeah, I'm kind of a bitch when I'm tired. Three AM is not a pleasant time for anyone, honey. I suppose I'm still getting used to sharing a bed with someone else.

Once I got past that inconsiderate phase, though, I would try to pat his back and feel sympathy towards him. I hate it when things are out of my hands. All I'm able to do to help him is make him hot honey lemon drinks to soothe his throat, something I learned to do while working at a restaurant during my college years. I don't think it's a coincidence that I started having nightmares about waitressing again.

He finally went to see someone yesterday so that he could rule out bronchitis or pneumonia. Instead of seeing a doctor, though, he was directed to a nurse. I have huge respect for nurses. One of my best friends is a nurse. However, they're not doctors who are more knowledgable simply because of how much more schooling they have.

Hubby was sent away with some Mucinex and Claritin knock offs that obviously don't work as he was coughing up a storm last night, too. I'm feeling that little tickle in my throat, a stuffy nose, and bouts of bad headaches. I'm downing a lot of orange juice and vitamin C in an effort to stop the cold in its tracks.

You know how men supposedly turn into huge babies when they're ill? That's not the case with Hubby, thank goodness. I'm terrible when I'm sick, though. I burrow myself in blankets and sleep until I can't sleep anymore. I won't shower, clean, cook dinner, or change clothes. It's bad, folks.

We're having a tough few days here, which I'll go into further later this week. I'm sure we'll be laughing about this a few months from now. Hopefully.

P.S. I saw a pin on Pinterest that eating marshmallows would help a sore throat so we purchased some on our last grocery run. I think it's just an excuse to eat tons of marshmallows without guilt because it totally did not work for us.