Photo Dump

A collection of pictures from my phone, both old and new.

Riley's birthday greeting for me.
Poor bunny could not survive Riley's tiny little teeth.
Enjoying dinner on the patio.
Little troublemaker. 

How to keep your dog cool in TX.
Spiders don't scare Bella.
Doggy kisses.
Another torturous treat dispensing toy.

We need a bigger couch.
Somebody is not a fan of bath time.

A zipper clutch for a friend.
Rainy day Pho. Always Pho me.
Peach shooter? Yes, please!
My friend got paid to watch this little one.

Bella's sad face when told to stop tearing her toy apart.
Hubby patching up one of her favorite toys.
Sleepy and cuddly puppy.
Victim of weekend morning boredom.