CA Day 10: Photobombing and Even More Food

I assigned The Hubby with finding a place to eat for breakfast. After eating heavy meals for the past few days, it was so pleasant to eat clean sandwiches and wraps with fresh cut fruit on the side. Chef Miguel's Deli didn't serve anything fancy or over the top, but everything was made to order and so affordable. I think we spent about $10 for the both of us.

Hubby hates it when I take pictures of food and gets frustrated when I make him wait an extra minute before taking a bite of his meal. I, on the other hand, love taking pictures of food because I think food presentation is a form of art. Or perhaps I just really really love to eat.

Military families can obtain free admission to Sea World once a year, which is amazing considering tickets are $78 for adults. We took advantage of this on our last day in San Diego. I was excited to see all of the animals, including the beautiful beluga whale.

And the single polar bear hiding out in a cave. 

But Hubby was only interested in the rides. Journey to Atlantis starts off with a huge drop and I was thoroughly confused since drops are usually saved for last. 

Unfortunately, there weren't many roller coasters at Sea World. Hubby was a good sport and climbed into the bear cave for me.

I was unable to get pictures of the penguins, but puffins will do.

My favorite animal was the sea lion. I wanted a picture with one.

I was so intrigued by this sea lion scratching itself like a dog.  

So I had to take a picture with him, too. 

Isn't he so funny? It looks like a photobomb.

Hubby was also excited to see the sharks.

Look at all his teeth!

The last thing we did at Sea World was Shipwreck Rapids. We both love water rides and think half the fun is laughing at other people getting wet. Part of the excitement is getting splashed. Some evil genius designed this ride so that you were guaranteed to leave soaked. They placed a waterfall right in your path, making it impossible to avoid. Conveniently placed right outside the ride's exit is a human dryer for $5 a turn.

My strapless dress was so wet that it was extremely heavy and slipped down as we were walking towards the park's exit. Hello, San Diego! Thank goodness I was wearing a sturdy bra!

Luckily for us, we had our luggage in the back of the car so we were able to change out of our wet clothes before going to dinner. The best sushi we can get in this area is at the local grocery store. It was so wonderful eating delicious sushi again and actually leaving full.


chris chang said…
ummmmmmmm that sushi restaurant picture is definetly akasaka in HH..........