CA Day 11: Grooming and a Family Feast

I can't express how difficult it is to get good Asian food in Texas. The Thai food restaurants here taste more like bad Chinese food while Chinese food costs an exorbitant amount and is always sketchy. The only Pho joint in the area is in a terrible part of town and Pho is not worth getting shot for. Hubby and I saved dim sum for our last day in California. I was slightly disappointed because our favorite dishes weren't being carted out on a late Thursday morning. They save the good stuff for weekends.

We didn't have huge plans for the our final day so I ended up making a last minute hair cut appointment. I hadn't had my hair cut since my last disastrous one last May and I needed desperately to get rid of some excess weight for the summer. I'm not sure why I always ask for my hair to be so short when I'm a fan of longer lengths. I guess if I only get one hair cut a year I might as well "trim" off nine inches.

Hubby got a little pampering of his own. I sent him to get a clean shave and cut at a Korean barbers shop, mostly because I really hated that beard of his. They even placed fresh cucumbers on his eyes. What a treat!

My family was hosting dinner for us that evening and my grandmother went all out with some of my favorite homemade dishes. Curry, cabbage, handmade Taiwanese sausages, bok choy, marinated eggs, noodles...One of my greatest regrets is not learning how to cook from my grandmother. 

My grandmother is the toughest and most talented lady I know.

We managed to take a family picture thanks to my sister's friend who joined us for dinner that evening. I think it was so unfair that Riley was able to get in the shot, but not Bella. It's kind of amazing that she's looking straight at the camera though.

And a here's a little outtake. My grandmother so did not appreciate Riley in her face. I miss my family.

 That ends my recap of our trip to California. Hope you enjoyed it!


caitlin said…
You should totally ask your mom or grandma for some recipes! Are there asian grocery stores close to where you live?
Min said…
Caitlin, there's only one and very overpriced in this area. My grandmother never uses recipes. I'll have to actually watch her next time I'm home and she's cooking!
Patty said…
I know the feeling!! It is so hard finding good asain food or sushi out here too. But wow that dim sum and family dinner looks sooo yummy!!! Great pictures!