Miserable, But Healthier

I thought I should give you a diet update so that I can continue to be held accountable for my words last Monday. Basically, dieting is miserable, but I've seen results already, both in the mirror and on the scale. I have dropped three pounds since starting on the 17th so I'm back to my usual weight.

I found a cool calorie and exercise tracker via Weddingbee's Mrs. Penguin's personal blog. After inputing some information, it told me that I have a daily calorie budget of 1,440 in order to reach my goal by April 4th.  I like that it subtracts my exercise calories burned from the food calories consumed. But it's a flawed system because it's hard to input how many calories homemade meals are or even how many calories I burn during my daily exercise. Because of this, I usually try to go under my daily "budget".

I try to eat my biggest meal for lunch so that I'm not starving for dinner. Although 1,440 calories seems like plenty, I am still hungry quite often. A friend suggested more whole grains so I'll look for that on my next trip to the commissary. I'm not really a fan of pasta anymore because I can't pair it with creamy sauces and I don't like tomatoes. Lactose intolerance fails me yet again!

Source: eyesmize.tumblr.com via Min on Pinterest

I'm surprised that I have been able to keep up with my exercise routine. I am doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and it seriously kicks my butt. It consists of three circuits of the following: Three minutes of strength training (push-ups, dumbbell presses), two minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, jump rope), one minute abs (crunches, bicycles). I purchased the DVD a couple of months before the wedding and did it a maximum of three times.

My nosy dog doesn't help the process at all. She always sniffs me when I'm on my mat and tries to shower me with kisses. I think she likes the taste of salty sweat, or maybe she's just excited to see me on the floor and at her level.

Although her bed is less than a foot away and is much more comfortable, she insists on sleeping on my mat. I have to order her off for my ab exercises.

Please! No kissies!


And then she eventually lies down next to me, usually it's right at my head so that I can't put my head back down after a crunch.

What a silly girl!

Day nine on the system and I already see less of a belly pouch, a higher endurance, and greater strength. I'm really excited to see what I'll be like at day thirty. I'm almost regretting not taking a "before shot" so that I can compare my results.

It's getting harder for me to actually want to exercise so I'm glad to see that it's working. I also realized that I absolutely have to change into my workout outfit as soon as I get out of bed or else I won't do it.

After my workout I typically eat some lunch and then take her out for a brisk walk. The entire Schmidt family is getting healthier!


Spencer said…
hey i use lose it! too! do you have it on an ipod too? for homemade food, have you tried adding up the calories of the ingredients individually?

btw i love bellas thought bubble and the cartoon!
Min said…
I don't have an iPod. Oh, you fancy, huh?

And I do add up the calories of the ingredients individually. I hate math.