This is a Skype screen capture of me waving my arms and telling The Hubby not to take a screen capture. I am still in my pajamas at two in the afternoon, in bed, and can you see what is on my bed stand? Why, yes. That is an empty carton of lactose free ice cream. I was caught red handed. 

I like to eat the last few spoons of ice cream straight from the carton. It is much more satisfying and I don't have to worry about washing that extra bowl later on. Don't judge me.

My doctor told me that I sprained my ankle when I fell last Monday, but it is healing up nicely. She also said that it may take months for it to be back to 100%, meaning no exercise for me. So maybe I should lay off of the ice cream?

A friend has been staying with me while waiting for her own Soldier to come back from Iraq. After a long year apart, they were finally reunited early this morning (0200!!) and I was there acting as paparazzi for their beautiful first moments together. I was on a high and didn't go to sleep until about 0400, thus the still being in bed late in the afternoon today and the deserted blog.

I cannot wait for it to be The Hubby's turn to come back home. At least a full year of uninterrupted time together? That has not happened since we started dating in high school over seven years ago. Pure bliss.