Let's Take a Walk

The weather has cooled down a bit here (only just barely 100 degrees) so I decided it would be good to take the dogs out for a walk yesterday morning. It was not pretty. Turns out I put on Martin and Lola's harnesses incorrectly. Those little pups are strong!

The leashes were a tangled mess by the time we got back from our ten-minute walk. Three dogs who are not the best at walking is definitely not a good thing.

Bella somehow ended in the middle for a lot of the time and she powered through. Martin liked to hang back and go around me for whatever reason. I had to end the video quickly because I had Martin's leash wrapped around my legs.

I thought today would go a bit more smoothly if I put on their harnesses correctly this time around. We got past four houses and this little pomeranian ran across the street and barked at us. Its owner was nowhere to be found. All the dogs were going crazy and pulled little ol' me behind them. I ended up stepping on my left foot incorrectly off the edge of the sidewalk and fell straight down to the concrete. Thank goodness I didn't have my camera this time around.

I haven't scraped my knee in years. I've tripped plenty of times, but haven't fallen down in awhile, which I took pride in because I am an unbelievable klutz. Kinda like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry was talking about how he hadn't thrown up in 14 years and boasted about it.

I limped back in pain shamefully, thankful that I was only four houses away from home. And of course a neighbor saw the whole thing happen. I think if I had just seen someone struggling with three misbehaved dogs and fall on her face I would ask if she needed help. Just sayin'. 

Snoopy bandaids somehow make my scrape less painful. Taking a picture of your own knee is incredibly difficult, by the way.

I don't think I'll be walking these dogs again. It's honestly too dangerous and I'm not strong enough to keep them under control.

On a less embarrassing note, I ran a full mile without stopping today! I know that is not a great accomplishment for anyone else, but it is for me. While I was in California, I signed up for a 7-day pass at 24 Fitness and I absolutely loved the facility. Running on the treadmill was fun for me, but I literally could only improve by 0.05mi at a time. I think the most I could run without gasping in pain was 0.35mi.

Today was the first time I exercised since 26 July, and I had a sudden spurt of energy. I ran past the 0.35mi mark and felt great. Then the 0.5mi mark. And then the one mile mark passed and I was so proud of myself. I hope this wasn't a fluke and that I can do it again. Of course, my ankle better fix itself in time, too. Wish me luck!


Oh my gosh, walking 3 dogs at once is quite a feat! I can't even walk two. I started riding my bike with Cabana a couple weeks ago, which can be dicey. I usually just stop when other dogs are around, so she won't pull me over. But one day, I didn't see the other dog, while Cabana did. She pulled me for several feet, and I scraped up both my knees so badly and had 3 scabs on each one. I took a photo of them, so I know what you mean about photographing your own knees--but my daughter saw the photo of my knees on my computer screen and said, "Mom, you can't post that! That's way too embarrassing." Your knee shot is much nicer, though, and the Snoopy bandaid makes it much more palatable than mine!