I was cleaning out my inbox and found this video of Bella from my sister from May of last year. I was missing Bella terribly while sitting in a dirty home in Georgia (The Hubby was living with two guys in a house that was only rented out to bachelor Soldiers), and this video cheered me up immensely.

Sorry this video leads to a pop-up at first. It's worth looking at just to see how fat my baby used to be last year.

Things I love about this video:
1) Bella is so plump. She was overweight last year because we were feeding her about twice the amount the vet recommended until she was put on a diet. Look at all her rolls!
2) The grass is so nice and green back in California. Our grass is completely dead. It was definitely not like this last year, but the drought this year is terrible.
3) I miss lounging by the pool.
4) Bella is such a brat.
5) Chinese television is on in the living room, a sound I had grown accustomed to while living with my grandmother.