Rest of 15 Days

One of the things The Hubby was most excited about during his R&R was going to see a Texas Rangers baseball game. We stayed overnight in a hotel about fifteen minutes away and it was a quick vacation. The seats were definitely a bit of a splurge, but it made The Hubby incredibly happy so it was worth it. We kicked back with some beers and watered down lemonade and enjoyed the game. 

We sat behind an incredibly rich family of five. The two teenage girls wore the skimpiest outfits from Victoria Secret and held a sign up whenever they thought a camera was on them. They were just dying to be on the huge screen or on television. The mom would whip out her Coach wallet out of her Coach purse and pay for an endless amount of food for the kids. I didn't hear a single "please" or "thank you" from the children and the son had TWO cell phones. 

I told The Hubby that if we ever took our kids to a baseball game we would limit them to three items each: a beverage, a food item and a dessert item. That's not too harsh, is it?

There was an old woman a few rows behind us who beat a drum anytime the crowd needed to be revved up. A couple also got engaged during the game. Overall, it was a pretty interesting evening.

We were pretty comfortable sitting in our seats at first, but it grew very humid. Thus, the sweaty and shiny picture of us as we were leaving the game. Look at how scruffy The Hubby gets while on vacation!

Doesn't The Hubby look like a dad in his baseball cap? People who wear baseball caps correctly: baseball players, baseball fans, and dads.

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I think your 3-item limit is more than generous. How much food does a kid need in a 2-hour span? Especially when it costs 12 times more than it should!

I don't think hubby looks scruffy at all. You guys make just such an amazing couple. Your happy-to-be-with-each-other smiles make me happy.