The neighborhood kids are incredibly rude here. I don't know if this is due to poor parenting or just a different generation, but they definitely do not have the same sense of having good manners as my friends and I did at their age.

A group of teenage boys play basketball in the street when it's cool enough outside. They always try to get that last shot off before my car approaches them. I literally have to stop my vehicle and wait for them to throw the ball and retrieve it. When I was younger and played in the neighborhood, we would dart to the sidewalk as soon as we saw a car turn onto our street. That was just how it worked.

One evening while walking Bella, a group of younger kids saw us coming and a boy shouted in a thick southern accent, "Oh, I'm gonna pet that thang!" Then they all ran over and pet Bella in excitement. I'm so thankful that Bella is good with children.

And then I saw this video of a young kid giving a baseball to a younger fan and it gave me hope in humanity.

I know I'm crazy about manners, but it's so important! 


Tessa99999 said…
Having tons of kids excitedly run over to me while I walked my dog Addie would terrify me! Addie and I have made HUGE improvements towards her becoming non-reactive, but that would scare ME. There is no telling how much it was scare my dog! Glad Bella was okay with it though.
Min said…
Bella is not exactly non-reactive. She gets overly excited and may start barking at the kids, which scares them. Most kids don't know how to pet her nicely so I have to pull Bella away, although she loves the attention.
belinda said…
did you know that he only gave it to him after someone told him to...yup sorry to burst your bubble