Sharing is Caring 2

I didn't really mean to post about Bella three times in one day, but after being without a dog for two whole weeks, Bella seems to be extra adorable lately. You guys aren't complaining about all the extra Bella love, are you? 

I wouldn't recommend this feeding method to others if you have a dog who LOVES apples as much as Bella does. I've seen The Hubby do this before and I have also done it a few times before so I was really surprised when she bit down on my fingers twice this time. Maybe she felt the need to be less gentle with two other dogs watching her munch away. I'll just have to go back to biting off pieces and tossing them to her like Ryan Gosling does with his dog.

Yes, I am watching Martin and Lola again (and they got their own yummy treats afterwards). Guinness is with another friend and we're going to do another little switch off later. We're tag teaming. It's so great that all of my friends here love dogs.


chris chang said…
thats kind of sad when you point the camera to the other dogs. " sorry guys" lmaoooooooooooooo
Feeding that apple to Bella looks dangerous!! The other dogs do look funny, the way they were watching. You've got a house full. I hope they are playing with each other some this time around.
Min said…
@ Chris: I gave them their own treats afterwards.
@Mimi: Yeah, I don't think I'm going to do that again. She just loves food too much. M&L aren't playing with Bella, but I actually like the peace and quiet compared to when Guinness was around.