Hubby and I spent the last two days in a Harry Potter daze. We listened to the last half of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and three-fourths of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on the iPod during our 20-hour car ride back home from California. My husband had never read the books before and he agreed that the books are far superior to the films.

Audiobooks help the drive go by a little faster, but in the end, you are still in the car for ten bloody hours at a time. This past weekend marked the sixth time we've driven across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Hubby swears it's the last time.

When we finally stepped foot in our Texas home, tired and slightly motion sick, we ordered pizza so that getting in a car again was unnecessary. We then put on the last Harry Potter movie and watched Neville kick some ass.

Source: via Min on Pinterest

I think I dreamed in a British accent last night. It was brilliant.

While it's nice to be back in our own house (mostly because it means that the drive is over), we are missing our family, friends, and California weather. I'm really excited to show you some pictures from our trip, even though they're mostly of food.

P.S. "Azkaban" passes through spell check on my Mac. Also brilliant.


Spencer said…
i need to finish that audio book series. im in the middle of the last one!