CA Day 4: Porto's, Traffic, and Lots of Food

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding last year that served an amazing array of desserts from Porto's Bakery. Every single item was delicious and I knew I wanted to take The Hubby there while we were home.  We drooled over their large display of Cuban baked goods. 

Although we wanted one of everything, we decided to order one sandwich and one sweet for each person. Hubby chose a chorizo and egg sandwich ($3.70) and an empanada ($0.85). My giant Cubano sandwich ($4.85) and individual fruit tart ($3?). Hubby could not believe how cheap everything was considering the quality and quantity of it all.

Porto's is definitely somewhere you should check out if you are ever in the LA area. Just make sure you go at a strange time or else you will meet extremely long lines. 

I think Hubby and I conveniently forgot about how terrible traffic is in California. It really put a damper on all of our plans. We had to leave places early in order to bypass the tedious stop and go traffic.

At this point, Hubby hadn't shaved in six days and was trying to grow out a beard. I made him pucker his lips every time he wanted a kiss. His face was like sandpaper! Keep an eye on his beard as I get later in our recaps.

Our next stop was The Grove and the attached Farmers Market. Hubby and I had also forgotten how rich everyone is there. Clearance sections aren't always the best at locations like this because wealthy people don't need to wait for things to go on sale.

I'm loving these pictures I took at the Farmers Market so I am just going to let them do the talking here.

My new camera is too large to put on the end of the camera extender so we're back to taking awkward pictures together.

We met up with my family for dinner. My mom picked up some of my favorites from a Taiwanese deli. I missed this food so much while in Texas. I would have it every week if I could.

As if we didn't eat enough food already, Hubby decided to get a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Only five remained after ten minutes. The pants that used to need belts pre-California no longer do.

P.S. A picture of me setting up the dessert table at the wedding. Doesn't it look like I'm about to inhale all the yummy sweets? 


My sister lives across the street from The Grove. We love the farmers market! That dessert table looks fantastic!