CA Day 1: The Pacific Ocean and Cupcakes

Before moving to Central Texas, I had never craved the ocean air or wanted to dig my toes in warm sand. We grew up about fifty minutes from the Pacific Ocean (depending on the traffic) and never took advantage of it as much as we should have. On Monday afternoon, we got back in our car and headed to Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach with towels, chairs, and a cooler full of food in tow.

We had no agenda other than to just sit and enjoy the view. What a wonderful way to spend a Monday.

After a hearty Cobb salad from Rutabegorz, The Hubby braved the cold and took a dip in the water. 

It was so cold and gloomy that day that I stayed completely bundled up on my chair.

The Hubby was forced to make friends with a little kid because I was too much of a pansy to go in with him.

We stumbled upon the famous Sprinkles Cupcakes on the way home. At $3.50 apiece, I was expecting something remarkable. I ordered a red velvet while Hubby chose the coconut cupcake.

The packaging is gorgeous and so well designed. Unfortunately, the cupcakes were dry and highly overrated.

You know that it was a bad cupcake if you're willing to share $3.50 cupcake crumbs with a brave bird instead of licking the wrapper clean.


You sound a little like Bella when it comes to getting in the water! Good to know about Sprinkles cupcakes. I've never gotten into the cupcake craze, but you're right, the packaging and presentation are lovely. I guess that's what you're really paying for, not the cupcake itself.