CA Day 7: Brothers and Coffee Beans

We weren't able to see The Hubby's father and his side of the family very often because they live so far away, but we were able to fit in quality time with them on Sunday.

Hubby's little brothers are at the age where they're really into cars and baseball caps. 

"Woah! Look at that Labourghini! This is the car I'm going to have!" 

I think it's adorable how tiny they are compared to The Hubby. His youngest brother is just turning six this year. We are going to be so old and probably with our own kids by the time he finally graduates high school. 

It's actually D's birthday today! He's a decade old. I still remember the first day I met this crazy biting two year old. And now he's already sagging his pants? Where did the time go?

We brought kids into the candy shop and didn't let them buy anything. Sorry, boys! We were only in there to cool off from the heat.

These kids got swagger.

Our last stop was The Coffee Bean. I loved their display of donated coffee beans to the military. People left such sweet messages.