Joining BlogHer

Two days before we left for California, I decided to apply to join the BlogHer Publishing Network on a whim. I was warned that if I had not heard back from them within 60 days I could wait another three months before applying again. It seemed like a long shot, but I received the invitation to join them the very next evening.

The BlogHer Network is huge and consists of thousands and thousands of blogs written by women, and I am happy to be one of thousands. I was a little hesitant to go through with the process and sign my contract with them, but I think this can mean good things. The best thing about BlogHer is that I can continue to write about anything that comes to mind so I feel like the integrity of my blog will remain intact. 

The biggest change you will see is an extra sidebar on my blog with an ad. I promise you that there will be nothing offensive as I have full control of what kind of ads I want to display. The first ad featured on Married Minzilla is for Breyer's. It's like they read my mind! In the future, I may also write posts sponsored by BlogHer and have products to review and giveaway. Free stuff for my readers? Sounds good to me!

I started this blog for our families to keep updated with our lives and for myself to look back upon when I turn into a ragged old woman and can't remember what I used to look like in a bikini. I want to be able to show our future kiddo my blog and tell him/her, "Look at all the nice restaurants Mommy and Daddy ate at. And then you were born." If I feel like I am moving away from this then I will end my contract with BlogHer.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will be getting paid a very very small amount based on unique page views and not by ad clicks. This means that you should feel free to click on any ads that may interest you. Also, if you have my blog on a feed, would you mind clicking to read my actual blog page every now and then? Thanks!

Married Minzilla


Julian said…
How exciting! From now on, I'm clicking on each little post to make sure you get your views. WHEEEE!
Min said…
Thanks for your support, ladies!
Wow, I had seen BlogHer before but never paid any attention. I might apply, too! Definitely, I will click all your posts!